The Video Course

Residency Interview Questions (RIQ) is a powerful residency interview preparation system, specifically designed for the IMG applicant.  It's quick to learn and affordable.  Here's how it works: we've created 90+ of videos of strong, stellar answers to the most common, highest-yield residency interview questions.  Watch and learn from the content, style and body language of interview demonstrations which you know are excellent.  Then learn from hours of content, answer analysis, formulas, and full-length sample answers - all for the most important interview questions!  The interview questions you will face are known, let RIQ show you how to create the perfect answers.

  • Full length video answers of every interview question - 90+ HD videos and hours of content
  • Detailed analysis of every interview question providing analysis of the question, a breakdown of the answer and outlines to formulate your own answer - 100+ pages of answer analysis
  • Examples of impactful "hot phrases" you can insert into your interview
  • Learn what to avoid in every interview answer
  • Multiple full-length sample answers for every question - in addition to the video answers
  • Your subscription includes our eBook for free - The Complete Guide to the NRMP Match

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See sample videos in the Video Course.

The RIQ Course with Mock Interview

Ever feel that you need a full length mock interview to cement what you've learned? We offer the RIQ Course with a Mock Interview so that you get 100% of the RIQ video series, analysis, outlines and full length sample answers along with a 1 hour mock interview which you can conduct at any point you are ready. The interview is conducted with a senior RIQ interview coach, 1 on 1, live through video chat. You get a realistic interview along with wrap up and individualized review of your strengths and weaknesses.

RIQ 1 on 1 Expert Coaching

At RIQ, we wanted to move beyond the "mock interview" preparation scheme. For applicants who want personal, 1 on 1 interview training and customized feedback and interview training, RIQ 1 on 1 Expert Coaching is for you.  When you sign up, a coach is paired with you and support lasts for the entire interview season.  He/she will be there to answer any questions by email, unlimited.  You get 3 hours of 1 on 1 interview coaching which includes mock interviews over video chat.  Here's what makes the RIQ Concierge system so unique:

  • 1 on 1 practice interviews with our expert interviewers
    You'll work individually with a member of the RIQ executive team who are seasoned interviewers.  We will help find ways to improve your interview answers, give you coaching, and help you practice until you are proficient.
  • Feedback specific to each interviewees responses
    Ever wonder if you are portraying your CV in the most effective way?  We'll give you tips on how to you can effectively integrate your CV and accomplishments into your interview answers.  We'll guide your answers towards whats most attractive to program directors.
  • Application/interview coaching
  • Email support through your journey - personalized guidance for thank you notes, phone calls, letters of interest, or anything else 
  • Full access to the RIQ Video Course, analysis and sample  answers

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RIQ Video Course
90+ HD videos
100+ pages of analysis
Unlimited video views
Unique sample answers for every question
Free copy of our eBook
Full access through the season
RIQ Course with Mock Interview
1 hour mock interview (Skype)
90+ HD videos
100+ pages of analysis
Unlimited video views
Unique sample answers for every question
Free copy of our eBook
Full access through the season
1 on 1 Expert Coaching
3 hours of mock interviews (Skype)
Unlimited e-mail support
Dedicated coach
Support through whole season
Includes Video Course
100+ pages of analysis
1 on 1 service for the entire season