June 25, 2016

Our Team

Team Member David Xu

David MD was born in China to two parents who are both IMGs.  He earned his M.D. from the Lerner College of Medicine at Cleveland Clinic.  While there, he led multiple student organizations to educate his peers about medicine, community health, and ophthalmology. He engaged in multiple scholarly works in technology development and clinical ophthalmology leading to several first author publications, abstracts, and book chapters.  David interviewed and successfully matched into ophthalmology, one of the top 5 most competitive specialties in the United States.  He was offered over 25 interviews making him one of the most competitive candidates in his year.  David also interviewed at some of the most competitive internal medicine preliminary year programs, and spent his internship year working closely with his IMG co-residents.

Team Member Steve Xu

Steve MD, MSc was born in China.  Like David, both of his parents are IMGs.  He graduated with honors from Harvard Medical School.  While there, he led several scholarly projects in technology development and authored publications that have appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine and PLoS Medicine.  Steve successfully matched in Dermatology, widely considered one of the most competitive specialties in the United States.  Like David, Steve was offered more than 15 interviews making him one of the most competitive candidates in his year.  He also interviewed at the top internal medicine program as well for his internship and spent this internship working alongside IMG residents.

Our Coaches

Tamara MD was born in New York to Korean-American parents. She earned her MD and MS from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine and is currently completing her residency at the Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. She recently completed her PhD in physiology at UCLA during her residency training. Throughout her medical training, she has held many leadership roles in student governing boards, science education and volunteer community health. She has also taught communication courses in medical school to peers and has authored multiple peer reviewed publications in ophthalmology. Tamara has completed a preliminary intern year in internal medicine at her first choice program. She also interviewed at 20 ophthalmology programs, eventually matching at her first choice. 


Arun Nagaraju, MD was born in Chicago, IL. He completed his medical degree at the University of Michigan Medical School in 2014. Before enrolling, he completed a year of service through the AmeriCorps program, focusing on HIV/AIDS prevention and testing in Chicago. While in medical school, he was involved in research and leadership roles including peer reviewed articles and headed the student led anatomy labs. After graduating, he moved back to Chicago after interviewing at nearly 20 Radiology programs and an additional 12 Transitional Year programs. He matched at his number one program for each and is now at the University of Chicago. He also recently matched into fellowship for breast imaging and will be staying at the University of Chicago.

How RIQ was Born

We both spent hundreds of hours preparing for residency interviews.  We practiced answers, tested each other and crafted PERFECT answers for ALL of the most commonly asked questions.  After we matched, we talked about our experiences.  We went back and talked to Program Directors, other successful IMG residents about their experiences.  This was how RIQ was born.  We realized IMGs need a leg up in navigating this challenging process.

Collectively Steve and David have interviewed at over 45 different hospitals and academic medical centers across the United States.  They have first hand knowledge on how you can PERFORM at your BEST.