The Video Course with Mock Interview – Specialized Help

The Video Course with Mock Interview is a person-to-person service which includes the standard Video Course with a 1 hour live video mock interview. If you wish for personalized help, then this 1 on 1 Coaching option is for you. co Your 1 hour course consists of a 30 minute mock interview followed by 30 minutes of analysis tailored to your individual needs. If you have specific questions, we are happy to accommodate and will give you detailed advice and practice with you. Mock interview and coaching is tailored to your application and CV.

Your coach will be notified of your purchase and will set up the next steps for coaching within 24 hours.  You will be returned to the RIQ page after processing on PayPal’s website.

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What makes 1 on 1 Coaching Difference

Your interview is by far the most important part of the application process. At RIQ, we move beyond the standard “mock interview” preparation scheme where every client gets the same cookie-cutter practice interview. We make coaching personalized to every applicant. Your 1 on 1 interview training provides customized feedback and interview training with an expert-level interview coach. Here’s what makes the RIQ Video Course with Mock Interview system so unique:

• Our videos, analysis and example answers model expert-level interview responses which you can learn from. Subscription to the Video Course with Mock Interview gives you full access to all video and analysis. You can already learn to be a great interviewer – even before starting your 1 on 1 coaching.

• Our interviewers work with you to create a customized interview and coaching program based on your application. Our advice will be driven by what you think you need the most help on

• After you sign up, send us an email at with your USMLE scores, personal statement, ERAS application, and list of your interviews. Don’t worry if you forget to send your materials, we will still reach out and remind you!

• You’ll work individually with David or Steve for your personalized coaching. We will find ways to improve your interview answers in real time that you can apply immediately.

• We give you feedback specific to your interview responses AND the program of interest.

• We take pride in our preparation. When you supply your information, we review it in detail before our session. This way we can help create perfect answers based on your application for each program. We understand the differences between academic and community programs. We know how to help you adjust your answers to fit each program’s requirements.

• All of your supporting documents are kept completely confidential.

How do I make my coaching time the most valuable?

Run through the RIQ Video Course first! We 100% believe that the Video Course makes your 1 on 1 coaching more efficient. Our video series gives you examples of perfect answers to the most common questions, and gives you a breakdown of the components to each answer. After going through the videos, your coaching can be focused more on advanced techniques and personalization to you.