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What is RIQ?

Residency Interview Questions (RIQ) is a revolutionary, powerful residency interview preparation system, specifically designed for the IMG applicant.  It's quick to learn and affordable.  Here's how it works: we've created 90+ videos of strong, stellar answers to the most common, highest-yield residency interview questions.  Watch and learn from the content, style and body language of true-to-life interview demonstrations which you know are excellent.  Then learn from hours of content, answer analysis, formulas, and full-length sample answers - all for the most important interview questions!  The interview questions you will face are known, let RIQ show you how to create the perfect answers. 

Nail every single important question.

RIQ is an online course which you can complete quickly and efficiently to get you interviewing like a pro.  Witness realistic, expert-level interview answers in video to learn the content, style and body language being used by successful applicants.  Learn the break down of each of the most common, highest-yield residency interview questions, reasoning behind the question, content to cover, and a guides to formulate your own answer.  To further help you, we additionally include full-length answers to spur your own creativity.

Interview Questions Answered by RIQ

Here's a list of all the questions in the RIQ program you'll get PERFECT video answers for. David and Steve provide multiple examples for each question so you can find the one that fits your situation.

Here's everything you get with RIQ - full length videos, analysis, outlines, and sample answers for every question. 

Tell me about yourself
Why choose Internal Medicine or your specialty of choice?
Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
Why come to this program?
Why train in America?
Tell me about your research?

Tell me about your medical school
What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What is your greatest accomplishment?
Why pursue fellowship? Why do you want to go into primary care?
Do you have any questions for me?

What do you do for fun?
Tell me about a memorable patient
Tell me about a time you failed
What if you don't match?

What did you do in your gap year?
Why did you not match before?
Tell me about your Step scores
What do you know about the US Healthcare System?

Why choose Cardiology?
Why choose Family Medicine?
Why choose Hematology Oncology?
Why choose Critical Care?

How do you deal with stress?
Tell me a time that you failed?
Tell me a time you went above and beyond?
How did you use teamwork to accomplish a goal?
How do you deal with negative feedback?
Tell me a time you were a leader?
Tell me a time you broke the rules?
How do you deal with conflict?
What's something not in your CV?

We also have analysis videos where you can here our strategies for attacking these questions. Our online, member-only content gives you formulas to craft your own perfect answer. 

Sample: What you get with the RIQ Course

"Have you done any research in the past?"

RIQ features multiple, excellent video answers covering the breadth of possible choices in each question accompanied by a review must-know key points regarding each question.

Answer Analysis

RIQ has worked very hard to bring you actionable tips and suggestions for crafting your own interview answers.

RIQ also features full sample answers to spark your own creativity.

Up to Date and Modern Answers

Behavioral and Ethical Questions

Learn how to answer behavioral questions. If you don't already know, behavioral questions use a hypothetical scenario to ask an ethical question that gets you to reflect on your values. They're becoming very popular interview topics and we wanted to help you prepare for them. Get the RIQ strategy and see multiple video and sample answers to difficult questions such as dealing with conflict, breaking the rules, working in a team, being a leader and many others!

About the US Healthcare System

Its daunting enough to interview for a residency position which you have never experienced before. See our primer on the US Healthcare System to prepare you for interviews - it's the only source you need to sound intelligent when answering these questions. We review the most important topics in healthcare today: Affordable Care Act, primary care shortage, electronic medical records, quality driven metrics, TrumpCare and more!

Clinical Scenarios Preparation

Sometimes interviewers will ask about clinical scenarios to test your medical knowledge. RIQ can help you by giving you tips and and tricks on how to field those questions - even if you don't know the answer.

Fellowship-specific Preparation

If you are already thinking about fellowship, this would be a strong point to talk about during your residency interviews. It shows direction, drive and allows you to talk about your research. We give examples of strong answers to some of the most common fellowship tracks which reflect the unique aspects of each subspecialty. You are not getting pre-canned answers, you are getting high level insight into the most compelling reasons why residents want to enter these subspecialties!

Expert Interview Prep with our 3 Step Program

 1. Watch
We provide dozens of high quality videos for you to visualize the best ways to answer questions. With our program, never second guess the quality of your answer.
2. Learn
Find out the perfect formula for each answer. Learn what your interviewers are really trying to assess. Understand the importance of each question. We give you a breakdown and analysis of the question, what they are really looking for in your answer, and pitfalls to avoid.
3. Improve
With a step-by-step question outline, key phrases, and full-length sample answers, you will have all the ingredients to create your own personalized answer.

Learn the Best Practices - Trust in our 60 Interviews of Experience

Learn Everything Expected from you on the Interview Day

We feature specific guides on:

  • Interview day etiquette
  • Interacting with the program coordinator
  • Sending pre- and post-interview letters 
  • What to bring on your interview
  • And much, much more...

Whether You Match has Already Been Determined. Where You Match is up to You!

We can predict based on your Step scores (1, 2CK, 2CS and 3) and year of graduation whether you will match or not.  We want to help the International Medical Graduates who worked hard to get good grades, score high on their STEPs to match at the BEST U.S. residency they can for the specialty. The interview is the only thing that will determine WHERE you will end up.  David and I will make sure you shine. 

The top 5 factors from the National Residency Match Program reported by Program Directors to decide WHO TO INTERVIEW:

  1. Step 1
  2. Letters of Recommendation
  3. Dean’s Letter
  4. Step 2
  5. Essay

The top 5 factors from the National Residency Match Program reported by Program Directors to decide HOW TO RANK:

  1. Interview with Faculty
  2. Interpersonal Skills (basically the interview)
  3. Interview with Residents
  4. Feedback from Residents (interview day etiquette)
  5. Step 1


The RIQ Course is very fairly priced starting from $247.  This is lower than the fee's charged for interview coaching, and with our service you can continue to review each question until you get it right.  Payments are securely processed via PayPal and you get instant access after sign up.

We think that RIQ is the most effective way to excel at residency interviews.  For this rate you get the following:

  • Full length video answers of every interview question - 60+ videos and hours of content
  • Detailed analysis of every interview question providing analysis of the question, a breakdown of the answer and outlines to formulate your own answer
  • Examples of impactful "hot phrases" you can insert into your interview
  • Learn what to avoid in every interview answer
  • Multiple full-length sample answers - in addition to the video answers
  • Your subscription includes our eBook for free - The Complete Guide to the NRMP Match

Take a look at our full pricing and sign up page.

Learn more about RIQ

Do you have any questions about RIQ?  Trying to figure out if RIQ can help your unique situation?  Wondering about individual coaching with the RIQ experts?  Have any specific questions?  We are happy to help you and will reply back within 24-48 hours. Alternatively, send your questions to admin@residencyinterviewquestions.com.


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