The Strategy Behind Answering Residency Interview Questions: Why Sample Answers is Not Enough.

David and I are proud to proudly stand behind Residency Interview Questions as the founders. One thing that makes us so different is that we have a personal story behind our product and service. Both of us are immigrants from China with dreams of becoming doctors here in the U.S. We were lucky to have parents who brought us here early – and we benefited from going to great U.S. medical schools and matched in two of the most competitive specialties – dermatology and ophthalmology. We both have interviewed residents and have been heavily involved in teaching both medical students and residents in our respective careers. We know the struggle and the challenge to match.

We decided to start Residency Interview Questions because we both completed our intern years with incredible international medical graduates (IMGs) from all around the world who made it and inspired us each and every day. We realized that with just a little bit of training and coaching, matching is possible at great places here in the U.S. The biggest bottleneck was not the USMLE Steps – there are tons of resources and review books. The tricky part was nailing the residency interview. Our product is not based on simply giving you boilerplate examples and sample answers like other offerings. That only makes you average. Average is not good enough for IMGs that look all the same in the eyes of program directors. You have to be great. 

We had a client that was on their 3rd attempt – great scores, recent graduate from a reputable Caribbean medical school, and solid clinical experiences. The only difference? He took our course. He matched on the 3rd attempt and admitted he did nothing different except get better at interviewing. The Video Course and our optional expert coaching give you skills and strategy that enable you to take your story and make it the most compelling version of itself. Each residency interview question is an opportunity to present back your best self and connect it to the program.