RIQ Turns 5 years Old – A Continued Commitment to Helping Our Clients Match for 2018-2019

There are many resources currently that can help you prepare for all the USMLE steps. Observerships are widely available – but some are better than others. David and I started RIQ almost 5 years ago, because we saw a huge gap in interview preparation. We see so many applicants spend years and $10,000 or more on tests, clinical experiences and VISAs. But, residency interview preparation is limited to a few hours in front of the mirror or SKYPE sessions with friends. The truth is – program directors see the interview as the single most important factor in deciding who to rank.

We decided to take our 60+ interviews worth of personal experience coupled to all of our friends’ experiences to create a definitive roadmap on how to successfully navigate the residency interview. The residency interview can be prepared for with answers surgically focused on getting key points across. Weaknesses in applications can be mended. Strengths can be emphasized. The interview becomes a level playing ground where your Step scores, your year of medical school graduation, and even your command of English can be levels by excellent preparation and a strategic plan.

Looking back over the past 5 years, we’re amazed about the feedback we’ve seen from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped match. We’re genuinely proud of these stories. Take George. He graduated medical school nearly 15 years ago and failed Step 2-CS twice. We spun these missteps as learning lessons that he has matured from. We prepared him through our Concierge program to ensure that he was able to confidently deliver on his answers. We’re inspired by Sunita who was concerned that her USMLE Step 1 score of 210 would keep them from matching. We worked hard in both her personal statement and interview preparation to emphasize how she was so much more to the field of Family Medicine than a low Step 1 score. Finally, we are most satisfied when we hear that the only difference in a client’s application was our program for a successful match.

Every year, we constantly strive to do better for our clients by improving the RIQ program.

  • Always adding new video examples directly from feedback from our clients but also our network of program directors, residents, and medical students. We’re focused now on bolstering our behavioral question library to match new trends in interviewing.
  • Continuously publishing the best free content on our blog with actionable examples
  • Ensuring our coaches are the very best in the field with updated training every year.

We’re excited to celebrate our 5th year anniversary. Consider joining us for the 2018-2019 ERAS season. Let’s match together.