Post Your Burning Questions – IMGs and the NRMP Match

Burning Questions – Please Comment and Post!

We know that residency application and matching is tremendously stressful process. We went through it. We now evaluate resident applicants. We’ve seen the entire cycle from beginning to end.

We also know it is extra challenging as an IMG. Whether you are a U.S. citizen or not, there is less resources out there. The challenges that an IMG faces is unique. The auto-filters can be daunting. How do you deal with issues such as a delay between graduation and application? There is, no doubt, that IMGs (American or not) are discriminated against. The match rates speak for themselves.

In this post – we’re asking anyone to post questions below about the application or interviewing process. No matter how big or small. David and I will take the top 5 and answer them in another post. Yes, we sell video subscriptions. But, at the core, we really are here to help.

RIQ’s Origin

David and I started RIQ because we trained with mostly IMGs during our intern year. All doctors remember their intern year, for better or for worse. It’s truly a formative period. You really grow into a doctor when you hold the pager and your orders are carried out. You make critical decisions and you know your patients the very best.

During our intern year, David and I worked in the trenches with our IMG colleagues. Our senior residents were IMGs. We admitted with them. We covered the floor overnight with them. They inspired us with their commitment, their stories, and their love of medicine. They also (probably) had better board scores. We realized that they struggled to find resources to help them navigate the residency interview process. Many of them remain our close friends and often exchange clinical care questions.

David and I had our medical schools. There were dedicated counselors. There were interview preparation experts. Residents in our training hospitals gave us all kinds of insider tips. We realized our IMG colleagues had none of these advantages. Great interviewing can be taught. It’s not about memorizing answers. It’s about applying a few key principles over and over again to win over program directors and faculty.

We started RIQ because we learned a tremendous amount about how to interview successfully. We now sit at the other side of the table evaluating residency applications. We conduct interviews for our medical students and friends.

Our mission is to help you achieve your dreams. Nailing the interview is one important step.

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